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As part of my photography course, I have to track my development on a blog. The posts from September 2011 until January 2012 are part of a module called Project Management, for which I was required to work in a group of eight students to create an exhibition. The blog followed every step we took in order to create a successful gallery. The blog posts starting from September 2012 follow my final year on the course. I'll be documenting my research and analysis of my final year projects, as well as include notes of my Professional Practice unit - which prepares us for a range of post graduate options. Finally it also looks at a project called New Creatives, where I'll be working alongside an artists to help college students get more involved with art.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We had another meeting today discussing what still needs to be done. We have only got 3 weeks left until our opening day so we need to make sure we start finalising everything! The first thing we talked about was the idea of having another bake sale. I feel it is important for us to raise more money as we have all spent quite a bit of money out of our own pockets. We decided to have the bake sale on Tuesday the 22nd of November. I know Tuesdays are always quite busy so hopefully we'll end up making more money than we did last Friday! We are taking money out of the money we raised last week to buy new cake materials. Since the cookies and the brownies were so popular and the cup cakes didn't do very well we made a new list of things to bake including Welsh cakes and Oreo Cake and Rice Crispy treats as well as a big batch of cookies and brownies and a few cupcakes. Tomorrow Hannah, Kate and I going to Asda to buy baking materials.

The next thing we had to discuss was the venue. Yesterday a few people from the group went to Ultraviolet to measure up whether everyone could hang up their work in the sizes they wanted. Luckily most of us have quite small prints so aren't taking up too much space. In the end we realised that although the venue is quite small, there is more than enough wall space for all of us to put up our work! 

We also discussed the idea of getting a A1 sized poster to hang up in the exhibition which would have a short explanation of everyone's work as well as show their blog and website. Since a lot of different things need to be put on the poster, there is a word limit for our explanation of the work of 60 words. You never actually realise how little that is until you start explaining the work. In the end I managed to get it down to 61! The image to the right is a general idea of what the poster is going to look like. However I think we should change bits of it around - at the moment I'm concerned with the fact that it doesn't quite relate back to our exhibition. I suggested to Tom (who is making the poster) that we should have our logo at the top and "documentary practices - Territories" a lot smaller underneath the logo. Then have a short summery of the brief and then go into everyone's separate summaries. Another thing about the poster is that we don't really have any sponsors, we have been given free things and discounts but I wouldn't say that they were sponsors. I just thought these were some important things to consider. 

Our meeting was followed by a 30 min tutorial with Stella. She explained to us that it is important for us to have a price list for the books and for our photos. A member of the group mentioned that if we have prices next to our photos on the wall it'll seem like people are coming to a shop instead of a gallery so we decided it would be a good idea to have a short list of prices in our portfolios. I haven't thought about prices quite yet, but I do know that I will have to make a profit. The only way to make an accurate price list is if I first write down all the money I have spent on getting the photos printed and mounted and how much it has cost to print the books. Once I've got that I will have to decide how much of a profit I want to make. In the end the most important thing is not to over charge. I am not a famous photographer yet, so I can't start asking for ridiculous amounts! 

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