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As part of my photography course, I have to track my development on a blog. The posts from September 2011 until January 2012 are part of a module called Project Management, for which I was required to work in a group of eight students to create an exhibition. The blog followed every step we took in order to create a successful gallery. The blog posts starting from September 2012 follow my final year on the course. I'll be documenting my research and analysis of my final year projects, as well as include notes of my Professional Practice unit - which prepares us for a range of post graduate options. Finally it also looks at a project called New Creatives, where I'll be working alongside an artists to help college students get more involved with art.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pet Photography - Kayleigh

 When I get to Australia I will be assisting a very popular pet photographer, Caitlin McColl. To get myself ready for that, I've been doing some practice shoot with Kayleigh. I didn't realise how many things you have to think about when taking photos of dogs!! It's not only about trying to get eye contact with her, but it's also (obviously) about composition. The top photo is a great photo of Kayleigh, although it isn't taken in a very nice location (poles sticking out her head). The second photo is a lot better, although she is a bit close to the table. It's a colourful shot and shows her within a clear context. I'd love to take some photos of her outside, but it's a horrible day so that wouldn't look very nice.

It also takes a lot of patience... and a LOT of shooting. I do like the photos that I've taken, but will definitely need to take more.

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